Monday, April 30, 2012

Reading and Writing

My favorite kind of fiction books to read are romantic suspense and historical novels, and I also like to write both. Sometimes I think that every book should be filled with excitement and have a lot of suspense, and then on other days I want to relax while I enjoy a tale from long ago that walks me through the way two people found each other and fell in love.  Like most of you, when I read a book that holds my attention from start to finish, I never forget the story that held me captive for hours.


  1. Me too. It's pageturners that help me to distract myself when life gets too serious as well.

    Lots of love and nice blog!
    Missy Lyons

  2. What type of books do you like to read, Missy?

  3. Hi Donna! The blog is looking good! :o) I love to read books that take me away. I'm a huge JR Ward fan and I love early romance. It's fun to pick a romance up from the 70's or 80's too. Tatum