Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Many Times?

How many times have you read the same book?

I know that we all do this even if we don't talk about it. Okay, I confess, I remember reading a couple of books three or four times, but in most cases, several years passed in between the readings. Generally I don't watch a movie but once and read a book but once. How about you?


  1. I was a Tolkien nut when I was young, so I read the Lord of the Rings....17 times, in a 9 year period. Heh. That's the book I've read most often. Several other books from my childhood 'devour-as-many-books-as-possible' days were also read as many as 10 or 12 times.

    Now that I'm an adult, though, I generally read a book once to test it out, and then if I really love it, it gets read another three or four times over the course of several years. I'll reread a book until it no longer feels 'fresh' when I open it. Then I have to give it and myself a rest.