Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kindle for Your Computer

Since I have had several messages about this I decided to post to my blog and Face Book, so that all of you can enjoy the benefits of this little be of information.

You can download a free Kindle for your computer on Amazon. I have one and love it. Yes, it really is wonderful. I read all kinds of books on it, including historical and genealogy books. When you watch Amazon you will find many free books that are run as promotions by authors. I have a lot of books that were free that I downloaded to my computer Kindle or my hand held device.

It is so easy to do, that is one thing that I like about it.

Also, I should say that if you buy my book on Amazon you can get it in Word or PDF if you want to read it like that.

Thanks to all of you who are helping me get my book recognized with the LIKE button on Amazon. Also I appreciate any or all the reviews you care to post there, too. Maybe I should also mention that Amazon will delete the review if they think it doesn't like like a review from someone who read the book and just a friendly type of message.

Amazon Reader

Dear Reader, if you have the time, and would be so kind to hop over to Amazon, and like and tag my book, I would really appreciate it.  In case you just happen to find five stars and a review in your pocket that you can share that would also be great!  Thanks so much!

How Many Times?

How many times have you read the same book?

I know that we all do this even if we don't talk about it. Okay, I confess, I remember reading a couple of books three or four times, but in most cases, several years passed in between the readings. Generally I don't watch a movie but once and read a book but once. How about you?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Passion For Writing!: Mainstream New Releases

A Passion For Writing!: Mainstream New Releases: TROUBLE ON SUGAR CREEK is listed as number two of the new releases in the mainstream section.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mainstream New Releases

TROUBLE ON SUGAR CREEK is listed as number two of the new releases in the mainstream section. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Character Arc

As you turn the pages of a romance novel, you will notice that all characters change but that the main character changes the most. In the beginning of a novel, the heroine starts out with a few conflicts, and as the story develops more internal and external conflicts come into focus. She changes as the story deals with each conflict given her. The hero changes during the story, too, that’s if the heroine thinks he is worth saving. Character arc is one of the main things that makes a story interesting.  

Monday, April 30, 2012

Reading and Writing

My favorite kind of fiction books to read are romantic suspense and historical novels, and I also like to write both. Sometimes I think that every book should be filled with excitement and have a lot of suspense, and then on other days I want to relax while I enjoy a tale from long ago that walks me through the way two people found each other and fell in love.  Like most of you, when I read a book that holds my attention from start to finish, I never forget the story that held me captive for hours.